I researched the suicide rates by profession and was shocked by what I found. Here are the statistics:

  1. Dentists (male) 8.02%
  2. Physicians 7.87%
  3. Pharmacists 7.19%
  4. Nurses 6.56%
  5. Dentists (female) 5.28%

All 5 professions are Healthcare related. The same healthcare workers that we called our heroes during Covid, are all killing…

Team is the most important part of every business. In my business, we serve any medical type offices who call their customers patients. We do our best to serve these offices and their patients. This is the way of life and philosophy we use at Jasper. We are a group…

After hearing a Baby Boomer’s recent negative opinion about Millennials, I thought it appropriate that I share some Millennial traits I admire.

  1. Simplicity. They are masters of keeping it simple. Consider for a moment how brilliant it is to accomplish 90% of your day’s tasks on a single device. Gone…

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Discernment will be the best quality to have in 2020. There are some key decisions coming up for us all. When will we go back to work? To school? And church? When we will shake hands again? When will we feel comfortable going out in public? Will someone we know…

I like to watch what most guys call, “chick flicks.” If you don’t like a good romantic movie, stop reading now because this story is the “chick flick” of Medium stories. Hope Floats, starring Sandra Bullock, is not one of my favorite chick flicks (for me it’s The Notebook) but…

Every New Year we set resolutions. We think of ways we want to improve. It’s a clean slate, a new beginning. Historically, I’ve been happy to see the prior year expire. But this year was different. I took time to reflect on 2018. The things I accomplished personally, professionally, spiritually…

Over the Christmas holiday, I heard people talk about how hard they work. They were excited the holidays had arrived so they could take a much needed break. Good for them! For me, the holidays were an extension of my entire year. My recipe of less work, simply working smarter, has given me some marked advantages in 2018. Namely, a healthy work/life balance.

Assessing my achievements in 2018, I’ve developed 5 summarizing tips you can use around the office, dealing with perspective buyers of your goods or services, communicating with a spouse or child, and even developing a spiritual connection to your Higher Power.

  1. Tenacious Preparation
  2. Strategic questioning
  3. Listen more than you talk
  4. Urgency
  5. Assertive follow-up

I implore you to use the skills in your everyday life. You will find tangible results quickly.

Cort Twitty

Entrepreneur, Consultant, Advisor, Mentor, Author, Marketing & Economical Expert

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